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The Client has to want and be committed to stopping smoking before you can help them stop smoking (NOT!)

Started by Michael Ellner. Last reply by MaskedHypnotist 55 minutes ago. 14 Replies

Mindfulness meditation may help smokers quit - even those with no willpowerComment: The research discussed in the  snippets below found no correlation between the intent to quit and reducing smoking. Clearly, the research contradicts the widely held belief that commitment is AWAYS required for positive outcomes when assisting smoking cessation clients. Many hypnotists intentionally screen out clients that don’t meet that requirement.  You may or may not be aware that I have been advocating for…Continue

Advice on Working with Single-Session Clients and Follow-Up

Started by Barbara Harrison. Last reply by Barbara Harrison 1 hour ago. 11 Replies

Looking for some advice on this situation: In addition to my own private clients, I am employed by a wellness center with weekend guests. This gives me only enough time to work with those folks once for about 70 minutes. For follow-up, I email them a "personalized" reinforcement recording. This has worked very well and I am getting excellent feedback. However, the drawbacks are (1) I am not paid extra for the extra time spent making the recordings, (2) as I get busier, I have less free time…Continue

Thoughts on Street Hypnosis?

Started by Justin Feasel -. Last reply by Stephen S 1 hour ago. 11 Replies

Greetings Y'all, I have been seriously considering doing street hypnosis.  I am thinking about doing it for two reasons.  First,  I absolutely love hypnosis.  Second, I think it would be an effective marketing tool.  What does everybody think?    I don't expect to make any money off it,  I just want to pass out  my business and spread the word.Thanks for any responses and advice.JustinContinue

(Help needed) Problems with establishing details of ISE

Started by Blazej Porwol. Last reply by Michael Ellner 2 hours ago. 13 Replies

Hi everybody,A client of mine, female 30yo, has rheumatoid arthritis. I've done ideodynamic hypnoanalysis on the problem, and it turns out there are 3 events which activated the disease. The first one was when she was 6yo. Now, I didn't regress her firsthand to the cause, since she made clear that she doesn't want to face anything traumatic at that moment. I've done further questioning through ideodynamic and using blackboard technique (as described in Dr. Yager's 'Subliminal therapy'), and…Continue

Giving a workshop for the first time - need tips!

Started by IK-A. Last reply by IK-A 4 hours ago. 7 Replies

Hi everyone,I am about to give doctors a training about how to use hypnosis for pain management. The group will consist of 6 doctors at a time. I will teach them some easy hypnotic techniques for pain management. I have never given a seminar or a lecture before, nor have i ever given a training before. So i'm completely new to teaching and presenting.I know that preparation is the key here. But i would LOVE to hear some quick tips and pointers to make this workshop a great learning experience…Continue

What is the funniest 'mock hypnosis' video you have come across?

Started by Fable Goodman. Last reply by Fable Goodman 17 hours ago. 57 Replies

Over the years people have posted some very funny 'Mock hypnosis' videos here on Hypnothoughts.I thought it would be good to have them in one place.Saw this one this morning, (which has been posted here a few times in the past) I don't think it is neccessarilly the funniest, but thought I would put it here as a starter.Continue

how to work with her

Started by Jim Burris. Last reply by John Cleesattel on Friday. 7 Replies

I have a client that has sent me an e-mail with this in it...her attempts at hypnosisOne told me since I can and automatically compartmentalize my thoughts and feelings as a coping mechanism. Another two had told me that since I think bilaterally simultaneously that is at the 10-12% of activity levels that is very hard to go under. The others say that since I separate the thoughts and feelings as I do to look and dissect things mentally it's not likely going to work. I am looking for to help…Continue

Dermatomyositis & Hypnosis

Started by Dawn E Whiting. Last reply by Kelley Woods on Friday. 4 Replies

Has anyone used hypnosis to help a client with dermatomyositis?  I have been researching it and it sounds like a combination of autoimmune and stress.  I have a client coming in August.  Stress is one major component that I will be addressing.  Another technique which can be used with hypnosis is the autogenic technique.  That also sounds in combination like it will help.  Any suggestions or comments?ThanksDawnContinue

Need Metaphor to Reduce Swelling in Foot

Started by Jennifer Hilburn. Last reply by David Chervick on Thursday. 20 Replies

Guess I'm just super tired and a bit stressed but I can't seem to come up with a good metaphor to reduce swelling in the foot and ankle. This is for an 80 year old woman who has Type 2 diabetes. She has some pretty stubborn swelling which sometimes causes her foot to turn blue - very dangerous I'd say! She also suffers neuropathy.She responds well to metaphor but I'm drawing a blank.... Your ideas would be most welcome.Continue

New(ish) research on cravings with interesting implications for hypnosis techniques.

Started by Fable Goodman. Last reply by Barry Neale on Thursday. 13 Replies

I just managed to catch the end of a tv program tonight, which had an interesting piece on cravings...  I thought it was worth sharing here and I would be interested to hear what thoughts other members have on it,   The focus of the piece is chocolate, but the principle could apply just as easily to any substance, and or behavior....   the tv program itself was a magazine type program  covering a number of topics, and this topic was split into two sections, one at the beginning of the program…Continue




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