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Main Stream Article about Medical Hypnosis

Started by Seth-Deborah Roth. Last reply by Jim Einert 13 hours ago. 10 Replies

As a medical professional and clinical hypnotherapist...this is my area of specialty. Love seeing main stream articles about this specialty & love helping clients/patients.http://health.usnews.com/health-news/health-wellness/articles/2015/04/29/3-common-misconceptions-about-medical-hypnosis?page=2http://The more the public learns…Continue

Tags: medical, hypnosis

Romantic Love, Erotic Hypnosis, the Power of Suggestion, and the Future Ditrction of Society

Started by Don G.. Last reply by Seth-Deborah Roth 16 hours ago. 3 Replies

Dear Hypnofhoughts Friends and Colleagues:In response to Graham Old's "Gentle rant" that  Blog posting frequently becomes "just a form of sanctioned spam,"  I am transferring my reent Blog post over here beause I think it is a hot subject for discussion. If romantc love is itself a result of the power of suggestion, as quite possibly may be the case, do we as hypnotists have any ability to inluence the effect of the current changes taking place in he way that people respond to the current boom…Continue

Automatic Imagination Model assistance please?

Started by Stephen S. Last reply by Dave_I 18 hours ago. 12 Replies

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has experience of using the Jacquin / Sheldrake Automatic Imagination Model on themselves for self hypnosis?I have read about this method, and it makes sense logically, so I want to do a "self" hand stick (knowing in advance that if I blink three times, the hand releases).Here is what is melting my brain. The instructions state:"you imagine your hand is stuck, and whilst doing that, imagine you're unaware you are imagining it's stuck".How exactly do you do…Continue

another milestone. 18,000

Started by Scott Sandland. Last reply by Donna Carter 22 hours ago. 9 Replies

Eighteen thousand is a huge number.  If all the members of HypnoThoughts got together, it would literally fill a sports arena.  If all of us wanted to fit in a single building, we'd have to go to the Staple Center (home of the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings).  Here's what that looks like:Full disclosure, there would actually be 9 empty seats left over if we all showed up at the Staple…Continue

A play with Hypnotised People (& Jonathan Chase): Edinburgh Fringe

Started by Dave_I yesterday. 0 Replies

Hopefully I'm not stealing anybody's thunder with this, but this was posted on Facebook. Jon Chase is apparently involved in putting on a play wherein members of the audience will be playing a part. Under hypnosis!https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-play-with-hypnotised-people-edinburgh-fringeIt sounds pretty cool and very thoughtful. If nothing else, I thought some of you might find…Continue

Single-session silver bullet, golden boxes and other quick fix toolkits

Started by Simon Tebbenham. Last reply by Joan Courtney yesterday. 16 Replies

Hi everyone, Wondering what are your favourite quick-fire methods? I'm a big fan of hypnotic symbolism, as learnt from Jon Chase, as a single session change work tool. I know there are people out there who are successful using all sorts of one box fits all systems (Jeffrey Stevens' golden box is another similar example).I've also taken a lot of inspiration from James Tripp's work, however, which is at the opposite end of the scale to rapid direct suggestion approaches. In practice, I've…Continue

Essential Characteristic of a Hypnotist

Started by Robert Bruckner, BCH. Last reply by Natalie Hollister yesterday. 19 Replies

Here is an interesting question. I will ask it and then tell you how the question came up.What is the ONE characteristic of an excellent hypnotist? When speaking with several other professionals at a function of sorts, when asked what I do, I replied that I am a hypnotist. The professionals in the group wanted to know what a hypnotist actually does. I replied, "I show you how to bring out the best in you and take better care of yourself." The reply from the crowd, what makes you able to do…Continue

Sound Recording

Started by Barbara Harrison. Last reply by Simon Tebbenham on Friday. 6 Replies

This may be too techy a question, but all advice is appreciated: How do I get a sound recording to a client via email? I am recording an MP3 file with Audacity, downloading it into iTunes, and then emailing it. However, I have clients that are having problems getting it from the email folder into the "music" or anywhere else on an iPhone 4 or 5. I would think downloading to iTunes and then synching would work, but as I do not have an iPhone, I have no idea. How are others handling this? Would…Continue

Pregnancy fears causing insomnia - looking for suggestions

Started by Jodi Hert. Last reply by Barry Neale on Thursday. 8 Replies

Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions because I did a search on this site and can't find any other thread with the same topic.  I thank you in advance for your suggestions!I am working strictly by phone, but have done 3 sessions so far and am very confident she is going into hypnosis very easily.I believe her fight/flight response has been triggered by a lot of different stressors (this is pregnancy #4, all 3 other children are under 6 years, house is under construction, plus she is a working…Continue


Started by Gill Elders. Last reply by Fable Goodman on Thursday. 3 Replies

Hi,  Has anybody seen this on Britain's Got Talent?  "Hypnodog" called Princess, I wonder who's seen it and what we're you're thoughts on it.   All the people on stage went into trance so Simon Cowell had a go, didn't feel anything, until he sat down, & mentioned how tired he was & couldn't stop yawning.  Hope this link works... if it doesn't you can look it up on utube.   …Continue


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