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I was asked today if someone could discover their true purpose in life using hypnosis

Started by Scott Fisher. Last reply by Graham Old 3 hours ago. 11 Replies

Since ive done past life experiences with her (just for fun and curiosity), she was wondering if there is a way to discover ones true purpose in this present life. She is middle age, a nurse, and FEELS there is a calling for her to do something else but just cant seem to figure it out. She feels like the answer is just out of reach. If you answer yes, please explain the best method to use so I can do this for her. Thank you :)Continue

Critical Factor: Friend or Foe

Started by Blaine Pratt. Last reply by Graham Old 3 hours ago. 21 Replies

In a conversation the other day, something that was said made me think differently about the Critical Factor. In most hypnosis the initial effort is to bypass the critical factor as though it were the enemy. But then I thought about it differently.If you Reframe an issue or belief, don't you count on the Critical Factor to then guard and protect the new understanding and belief?Once the new suggestions are accepted into the Subconscious don't we rely on the Critical Factor to then act as a…Continue

Suggestion work

Started by Natalie Chapman. Last reply by Graham Old 4 hours ago. 11 Replies

Hello! I am training as a hypnotherapist and as a result I'm mostly likely going to ask seemingly silly questions but I won't know unless I ask!Was wondering if its possible to work on a specific anxiety issue as well as adding in information retaining suggests for studying. Is it too much to make more than one set of suggestions for a specific issue?I have a friend who has kindly allowed me to practise on her and she is suffering from an anxiety issue due to an accountancy course she just…Continue

Is it possible to quit cigarettes and continue to smoke dope?

Started by Catherine Rodwell. Last reply by Graham Old 4 hours ago. 14 Replies

I have helped clients quit both dope and cigarettes with success but now I have one who only wants to quit cigarettes. I am not sure where it will all lead because it seems there's preliminary work to be done prior to quitting which is financially limiting. Perhaps some of you have had similar cases in quitting cigarettes alone? If so, I would love to hear?

Expiry date on sessions

Started by Fiona. Last reply by Fiona yesterday. 16 Replies

Dear All,I searched and couldn't find an answer to this (only expiry dates on gift certificates), so am posting this here in the hope that someone can advise.I regularly do packages of 3 and 5 (for any issue except smoking, weight management, IBS and childbirth - for these I do packages of 2 and 6 sessions respectively). I do not have expiry dates on these packages and sometimes have clients coming back months later to use their sessions. I have a lady coming back this weekend who had her first…Continue

Pre-talk for kids?

Started by P-Etienne. Last reply by Graham Old yesterday. 1 Reply

Hi flks,I just had my youngest client (8y-old - dealing with sleep issues). It was a lot fun. I used some of the stories and adventures he's reading about (spirit animals - which eventually started to have sleeping powers!), yet I found myself perplex when thinking of explaining the process (I quickly went into the super powers of his imagination on his body, helping hm experience a few phenomena - creating warmth, sticking fingers together, etc).I was wondering: what/how does your pre-talk…Continue

Tags: pre-talk, kids

Tips for classroom demo

Started by Bob Gantry. Last reply by Heather yesterday. 12 Replies

I have accepted an invitation to give a hypnosis presentation to a high school class of psychology students.  I just received word that the administration has reversed its position and will no longer allow me to hypnotize students regardless of parent permission.What would you include?  I would really like to WOW them at first to get their attention.  Ideas?Here are some of my thoughts:- Our model of the mind- Interplay between conscious and subsconscious- Hypnosis for athletes- Brief History-…Continue

Relax !

Started by Rick. Last reply by Fable Goodman yesterday. 1 Reply

Just had to post this !Funniest thing I have seen for a long time.http://devour.com/video/dalek-relaxation-tape/#RickContinue

Covert induction on pre session questioning

Started by Raf. Last reply by Blaine Pratt yesterday. 16 Replies

Hi all. Long ago I went to a hypnotist as a client. (That was the beginning of my hypno interest.)The Hypnotist made me sitting beside a little desk while she was sitting right at the centre of it witha long questionnaire to fill, in front of her.One at a time she would ask the questions and accordingly to my answer she would tick yes or no on the questionnaire.Half way down the questionnaire, I fell in a total loss of mental control; my thoughts had all vanished. While I was temporary mentally…Continue

What kind of hypnotist are you?

Started by Shawn Carson. Last reply by Shawn Carson on Wednesday. 27 Replies

Having just returned from IACT it is sadly clear to me that the hypnosis world remains split into two factions.On the one hand are the technicians; they have bottomless toolkits of techniques that are carefully polished and supported by science. They will use words like 'proven', 'latest', 'research', 'technique', 'NLP', 'temporal lobe', 'mind-body connection',...On the other hand are the spirituals who trust the wise unconscious and are in touch with the timeless energies of the universe. They…Continue


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