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Do you use a different 'professional name' than your legal name?

Started by Jodi Hert. Last reply by Carlos M Casados 1 hour ago. 26 Replies

Hello!  I am looking for advice and knowledge on the pros/cons of using a 'professional' vs. legal name.  I think you guys will understand, better than anyone else I discuss this with, that Jodi Hert is not an ideal name to be working with the subconscious mind.  In fact, I feel that the only names worse would be Jodi Raper or Jodi Serialkiller....  :)   So anyway, I am considering adding an A to the middle of my last name to professionally be Jodi Heart.  My business name is actually Healthy…Continue

Do You Use the Option Method?

Started by Graham Old. Last reply by Patrick Molloy 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Cf. http://www.optionmethodnetwork.com/dialogues/dialoguequestions.htmFor a long time now, I have told practically every client I see that *my* aim for them is that they are happy/happier.This has proven to be a really useful opening gambit, as we then provocatively argue about what they really want, etc. But that's somewhat besides the point.Anyway, I want my clients to be happy and one of the tools that I…Continue

Do you like your clients?

Started by Michael Watson. Last reply by Mark! 2 hours ago. 9 Replies

Do  you like your clients?I'm working on an article on this topic, and I'd love to have some dialogue with you about it.It seems that some practitioners take on all comers ... scheduling clients as soon as they call in ... feeling confident in the techniques they use and the idea that they can work successfully with anyone.   And be happy doing it.Others need to be "enrolled" in their client's journey ... they have to really care ... For me the technique is about 7% of the therapeutic…Continue

Additions to howtodoinductions ?

Started by Graham Old. Last reply by Graham Old 9 hours ago. 6 Replies

Hi folks,This is an open invite to anyone who would like to offer inductions for consideration, to Howtodoinductions.com.So far, I have focussed on inductions that a complete beginner would try, with a surprisingly high expectation of success.Perhaps counter-intuitive to that, we do not offer scripts to be copied, as much as transcripts to be inspired by.However, we then breakdown the induction with tips and commentary to aid delivery.An example of the kind of things we suggest are the…Continue

Need more help-please

Started by Traci. Last reply by Blaine Pratt yesterday. 14 Replies

Hello,Can I please get some direction on this. A new client would like help with feeling happy for others. She feels resentment/envious when others have good things happen to them with little or no effort. She feels she always has to struggle and work hard for everything and it doesn't always get it at the end. She feels like she constantly gives 100 percent but gets overlooked -career, finaces, loveife. The other issue is she wants to be happy for others she feels guilty and disappointed in…Continue

Echoes from the deep past on hypnothoughts.

Started by Fable Goodman yesterday. 0 Replies

During a conversation in the chatroom this evening, I was delighted to be reminded of some old conversations that had gone on in there, and the thread of the conversation led to Mike saying:"there's the truth ..and then there's pretty faces"... my mind immediately went on an instantaneous  Transderivational search and I responded:"that reminds me of a story that Sophie-Rose added to the storytelling thread.Two…Continue

Is this possible?

Started by tim. Last reply by Mark! on Sunday. 92 Replies

Dissootiation is a psychological defence system to prevent against pain, the personality seperates the persons bodySo would it be possible to create disocation via hypnosis and confuion and fear and then completely change who they are by getting them to imagine a new personality moving inDo not ever do this btw, you could do some serious damageContinue

HypnoThoughts Live 2015- what was your favorite part?

Started by Scott Sandland. Last reply by Donna Carter on Saturday. 6 Replies

Okay, I've been asking for feedback via surveys monkey and facebook, but right now I just want to share some highlights to encourage people to make the trip next year and keep your favorite parts.  We are willing to change just about anything about the conference if it's what the people want, so that means we have to do a good job or hearing from the people.What did you enjoy most while you were in Vegas?  Continue

Wizard of the dessert online free?

Started by Dan Bancs. Last reply by RichardNongard.com on Friday. 2 Replies

Anyone know if you can watch wizard of the dessert free online?

Raising Fees

Started by Sharie Lieberg. Last reply by RichardNongard.com on Friday. 12 Replies

Hi everyone,First, kudos to Scott for an AMAZING Hypnothoughts Live 2015.  It was awesome!Second, I'd appreciate some feedback.  I have new clients sign an Acknowledgement of Services form that affirms their knowledge about session fees, cancellation policies, no guarantees or cures, etc. It has been a few years since I have raised my fees.  My question is this:  am I obligated to honor the original rate quoted in the Acknowledgement of Services for existing clients, and only increase fees for…Continue




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