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Conducting Hypnosis Research

Started by Guiding Hand Hypnosis 1 hour ago. 0 Replies

Does anybody here conduct hypnosis research?  There are several outstanding questions in hypnosis that could benefit from a systematic and generalizable investigation.  Questions range from best techniques, to what can be done with hypnosis, to the biological mechanisms underlying hypnosis.  I am thinking about beginning a research program in my office, recruiting volunteers to serve as research subjects to explore these questions.  I'm wondering if anybody has done something similar, or if…Continue

Finding Courses

Started by Gary Williams. Last reply by Fable Goodman 1 hour ago. 17 Replies

Hi have been on an NLP course and Hypnosis but would like to do more, can anyone recommend etcI am in the Newport Pagnell area near Milton Keynes in England.I have found a few in London but would like to know more.All the bestGary WilliamsContinue

Tags: workshops, courses

Operating from a Buddhist perspective?

Started by Graham Old. Last reply by Barry Neale 2 hours ago. 25 Replies

I'm wondering if anyone else here benefits by starting from a Buddhist or Neo-Buddhist perspective?It seems to me that the unspoken foundation of much Western therapy is the notion of the Self. It takes on sacred significance for many therapists (Freudian or otherwise) and any risk to the idea or experience of the Self is often rejected outright.Yet, I increasingly find that this is not a concern of mine, or -more importantly- my clients.Does anyone else here take a Buddhist perspective, or…Continue

Extra Terrestrials

Started by FernTausig 2 hours ago. 0 Replies

Has anyone worked with people who believe they were abducted?Continue

Jason and I have a little chat

Started by Scott Sandland. Last reply by Fable Goodman 5 hours ago. 2 Replies

So Jason Linett interviewed me for his podcast recently.  He broke it down into two sections.  The first is mostly about my background in hypnotherapy and how that shapes my perspectives and decisions in my career path, the second is about online education vs in person education and where things are going.Of course, we discuss HypnoThoughts and the conference here and there.here they are in all their glory.  Part one:and part two:If you like it you can check out Jason's other interviews with…Continue

Help us reduce spam even more...

Started by Fable Goodman. Last reply by J.L. Jensen, C.Ht 7 hours ago. 3 Replies

There is a particular trick amongst people who want to send a message to the inbox of lots of members on a forum like this.It has been brought to my notice that there has been a  bit of this going on here.The trick goes like this....A member joins lots of groups, some of which they may have a genuine interest in, some which just happen to have a large number of members,   or or have a theme related to a product, book or training that that  member might want to promote in the future.The member…Continue

Problems With ADD Sufferers And Inductions

Started by Scott Clark. Last reply by Compu-Celebi 12 hours ago. 10 Replies

Hello, anyone having any success with inductions with people with ADD/ADHD?  I am having so many problems myself with mp3s and even my own attempts just before sleep.  I can't do any 20 minute "And now relax the bottom half of the fingernail on your right pinkie....." programs.   I just want to scream 2 minutes into these things!  I have heard so many people tell me to put on a hypnosis cd just before bed and allow myself to fall asleep to it "It will work!  You don't even have to…Continue

TOC or OCD obsessive compulsive disorder

Started by Gus. Last reply by Gus 18 hours ago. 17 Replies

Has anyone here had any success using hypnosis on this kind of disorder?Continue

ideas...Working with Clients with a Diagnosis of Cancer

Started by Seth-Deborah Roth. Last reply by Seth-Deborah Roth yesterday. 5 Replies

There are so many areas we, as hypnotists/hypnotherapists, can work with in helping clients who have had a cancer diagnosis.Today there was an interesting article based on American Psychological Association (APA). "Psychology has Important Role in Changing Cancer Landscape"Usually, one might only think of working with…Continue

several questions from a newbie

Started by Sally Evans. Last reply by Graham Old yesterday. 5 Replies

Hello friends, I'm working on the basic certification and have a few questions:1. I've practiced psychotherapy for 20 years and still have a private practice. Do any of you offer both clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy? and, if so, do you keep them separate regarding pricing?...like offering the hypnosis as a separate, adjunct package? just thinking....2. I love Richard Nongard's technical set up, where he speaks directly into the client's headphones. Can anyone explain what equipment I need…Continue


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